Neurodivergent Parenting Therapy

Are You Struggling With Parenting Your Neurodivergent Child?

Are you parenting a neurodivergent child with Autism, ADHD, or other form of neurodivergence and struggling when dealing with behavioral setbacks or challenging family dynamics? Or in addition to your child’s neurodivergence, are they also dealing with mental health conditions such as OCD, anxiety, trauma and/or depression? Parenting therapy for neurodivergent families can help.

Parenting, in itself, can be challenging. Add being a parent of a neurodivergent child with autism spectrum, ADHD, or other form of a developmental or intellectual disability and you can add another level of stressors. Children with neurodivergence often have to be parented differently than neurotypical children. They may struggle with communication, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, meltdowns, aggression, impulse control, and adaptive living skills that make daily routines and family functioning a challenge. This can impact how you show up as a parent and a partner as you navigate these additional stressors in your daily lives. Whether you need support for how to manage challenging behaviors or how to co-parent effectively with your partner, neurodiverse parenting therapy can help. We will work to support your relationship connectedness as well as help you show up for your children in a balanced and meaningful way.

Neurodiverse Parenting Therapy Offers Validation, Skills-Building, And Perspective

Our approach is unique, affirming, and collaborative. Dr. Gurash, our Clinical Director and Supervisor, brings decades of personal experience and professional training to our integrative and holistic therapy style at Spectrum Connections Therapy. You are not alone. She is also a neurodivergent parent too. In combining aspects of behavioral therapy, attachment work, positive discipline, Gottman Method, and components of Trauma-Informed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, parenting therapy will individualize the therapeutic process for each neurodiverse family. Our eclectic and curious approach seeks to understand your unique relationship strengths and family dynamics. Neurodiverse parenting therapy may include psychoeducation that will help you see how autism and/or ADHD in your family system impacts your relationship with each other, as well as vital emotional, behavioral, relational, and communication skills to help you reconnect and strengthen your bond with each other and your children. We cultivate a safe, open therapeutic space where you can gain meaningful insight and learn parenting tools to ease tension in your family system. We can meet individually for parent support and also with your children as needed. 

Restore Peace & Balance to Your Neurodivergent Parenting Journey

We are passionate about parenting with mindful purpose and intention. If you are looking for someone who can partner with you to support the challenging situations and behaviors that keep showing up while parenting your neurodivergent child, adolescent or teen, then we would love to help you and your family on this journey. We help you to identify your parenting “why” while finding comfort in the present and living your values through intentional actions.

It is our goal to be of help as we work together on how to best support your child, while also allowing for some space in the therapy process for you to better care for yourself during the challenging moments. As you move forward in your parenting journey, we hope to be of value to you and your relationship with your child so you can thrive even when it’s hard. We specialize in challenging behaviors, neurodivergent parenting. co-parenting challenges, and parent/child issues.

“If we value our children, we must cherish their parents.”

-John Bowlby

Therapy can help you as a parent if:

  • You feel that your own peace, life balance and personal relationships are suffering.
  • You struggle with how to parent your child.
  • You feel you are constantly sacrificing your own happiness and wellbeing at the expense of managing your child’s needs. 
  • You struggle with understanding your child/teen’s behavior.
  • Your relationship health with your partner is feeling neglected.
  • Everything you have tried is just not working.
  • You want to be more present for your child as a parent.
  • You want to restore a sense of joy to parenting. 
Parenting can be hard, no matter what your current circumstances are. You are not alone, and we are here to help.
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