Neurodiverse Couples Therapy

At Spectrum Connections Therapy, Dr. G is passionate about working with neurodivergent (ND) individuals and neurotypical (NT) partners in relationships. She also specializes in couples therapy where both individuals may have neurodivergent identities. Neurodiversity-affirming relational therapy is a safe place to explore communication styles, identify areas of growth, and gain insight into new ways to connect with your loved ones in a safe space. She works hard to help each partner find their voice in the relationship, and to live more authentically with intention together. With a deep-rooted belief that healing often happens in the context of relationships, Dr. G is passionate about supporting neurodivergent couples through navigating common life stressors while working towards cultivating healthy relationships with one another.

Tips and Considerations for Autism Spectrum Couples Counseling

 It’s important when considering couples counseling for neurodivergent partnerships, that you have a specialized therapist trained in providing couples therapy and who can also understand the issues you are facing together through the autism spectrum dynamics lens.  Autism spectrum is a neurodevelopmental condition in which autistic individuals struggle in varying degrees with social, emotional, and communication skills. Each autistic person is unique, therefore having a therapist who understands these important considerations and individualizes therapy to meet each partners experience is crucial.

Choosing the Right Therapist for your Neurodivergent Relationship Needs

While some neurodiverse traits may be challenging in relationships, therapy can help cultivate healthy communication patterns and increase awareness to better understand each other’s needs. The goal is the help your relationship thrive, not just survive. Dr. G understands from a personal and professional perspective how certain autism and neurotypical traits interplay within the context of all relationships. She works hard to understand your own experiences as a result. Neurodivergent and neurotypical couples require a tailored approach that includes normalizing and validating each person’s unique experience in the relationship. Therapy should also include some elements of education, and coaching for important social, communication, emotional, and relational skills. 

 Dr. G brings a comprehensive approach into the therapy room, that not only understands the autism spectrum relationship dynamics but also supports the neurotypical partner as well. For the neurotypical individual, it can feel challenging to be in a relationship with a partner who is struggling to meet your own needs or connect to your experiences in the relationship. Couples therapy can be a safe place for you to gain insight around your relationship with your autistic loved one and help you understand how to support each other in creating healthy  connections. 

While couples therapy with individuals on the autism spectrum may require more support than traditional marriage and family therapy approaches, it is possible with the right therapist that healing can happen in the relationship to cultivate the level of intimacy, safety, and connection you desire with each other.  Please reach out for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see if Dr. G is the right fit for you and your partner

Some common areas in couples therapy that can be addressed with a neurodiversity-affirming approach:

  • Difficulty with identifying and expressing emotions in themselves and/or with their partners
  • Challenges with perspective-taking and understanding a partners experience in the relationship
  • Difficulty expressing needs in the moment
  • Challenges with advocating for self and setting boundaries
  • Inflexible and rigid thinking patterns where one can feel often stuck
  • Difficulty with social and pragmatic communication skills
  • Challenges with understanding their partner’s needs and validating their experience
  • Difficulty reading and interpreting others feelings and others emotional experience in the relationship

When searching for a couples therapist, it is essential you find someone who can understand the neurodivergent and neurotypical experiences and can help you navigate the complexities of how autism plays a role in your relationship.

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