Meet Alyssa Bekerman, MSW, LSW

Individual, Couples & Family Therapist

Hi, I am Alyssa Bekerman. I am an individual, relationship, and family therapist at Spectrum Connections Therapy. I specialize in working with people who may have experiences such as attachment or identity-based trauma, relational conflict, feeling misunderstood, and anxiety. I received my Master of Social Work and am actively working to complete a post-Master’s certificate in couples and family therapy from the Denver Family Institute. In our therapy sessions, I strive to provide an environment that feels safe, compassionate, and curious. I do this by making therapy a collaborative process, adapting my therapy approach to each client’s unique needs, and balancing being kind, humorous, and direct. 

My therapy style incorporates various approaches to ensure that each client feels understood and valued. These approaches include: family systems therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), narrative therapy, and couples therapy models like The Gottman Method. As is helpful and appropriate, I also enjoy integrating somatic interventions that emphasize both the physical and emotional responses related to our mental health and wellbeing. Together we will create a treatment plan that considers your strengths, how you uniquely interact with the world, and how you define “healing.” 

Alyssa Beckerman

Alyssa Bekerman, LSW

Master of Social Work – University of Denver 

Licensed Social Worker


I am a LGBTQIA+ affirming, neurodivergent affirming, and trauma-informed therapist. I firmly believe that each person is already whole; we don’t need “fixing.” Therapy is an opportunity to safely explore ourselves and our relationships, with the hope to gain more insight, acceptance, and clarity while living in a world that oftentimes makes it hard to embody our most authentic selves. I look forward to connecting with you soon and being of support.

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