Meet Michele Portlock, M.A.

Parent Coach & Neurodiversity Specialist

Hi, I am Michele Portlock (she/her/hers). I am a parent coach and autism/ADHD specialist at Spectrum Connections Therapy. I earned my Master’s in special education with an emphasis on behavior in order to better support my neurodivergent children. A fun fact about me: three of my four children are neurodivergent. For me, parenting all my children with various needs, has been a particularly challenging and yet incredibly rewarding adventure. You are not alone. When parenting neurodivergent children with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum and/or ADHD, you have to parent a bit differently. And, this is where my passion lies, in supporting you with your neurodivergent parenting journey. I specialize in helping parents connect to their families strengths and values, and to create an action plan for when behaviors feel out of control. 

I also have a special interest in connecting parents to solid family resources. My coaching approach integrates my personal parenting experiences and education to guide families to a happier and healthier life by leaning into existing strengths and building skillsets that benefit your family. I am also the creator and host of a podcast called Navigating the Spectrum with Michele Portlock. Another fun fact: If you listen to S3 E49, you’ll hear from our very own Dr. Nicole Gurash. I may be biased, but I think it’s a great listen. 

Michele Portlock

Michele Portlock, M.A.

Masters from Arizona State University: Special Education (Applied Behavior Analysis) / Independent Contractor  

I’ve been told that my individualized coaching approach is experience-based, compassionate, nurturing, growth enhancing, educated, and kind. I am neurodivergent-affirming and trauma-informed and believe all people have the ability to grow. Particularly with effective guidance through coaching and education. I look forward to connecting with you soon and being of support.

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