Our ACTion Plan for Parents

At Spectrum Connections Therapy, our goal is to support parents and children with an action plan that will help you move forward. The plan is action based and focused on positive behavior change. It is individualized and tailored to your families needs. We offer the ABC Action Plan to help you support your parenting but also to help your child use the skills learned through therapy in the real world, where they are needed most. If this is something you would find helpful in your daily lives, please reach out for a free 30-minute phone consultation.

What is the ABC Action Plan?

  • The ABC Action Plan for home will help improve your child’s behavior when cooperating with family daily routines and expected/socially appropriate behaviors.
  • The goal of this plan is to help parents, on how to support your child, adolescent and teen at home. You are an expert on your child, and think of this as a coaching plan to help your family move forward with individualized tips and tools.
  • The ABC Action Plan will help provide a clear picture of the challenging behaviors and the steps to support positive behavior change.
  • Positive Discipline is at the core of the approach while empowering your child to learn new skills, and take responsibility for their own actions. Using healthy coping skills, making the right choice in the moment and positive decision making skills are essential tools that your child will need as they navigate life into adulthood.
  • The core foundation of the ABC Action Plan addresses why the behaviors are happening and also the important consideration of the “Big WHY” these positive changes are meaningful to you as parents but also for your child. By identifying these core values and functions, the evidence-based science shows the plan will be more likely to be successful.
  • The plan will identify specific behaviors of concerns, the circumstance that contribute to challenging behaviors and identify lagging skills for your child. Lagging skills are the skills that your child might need additional support in (e.g., emotional regulation skills, perspective taking skills, being flexible, problem solving, communication skills and self-management).
  • Parent coaching & collaboration allows us to better understand if the action plan is working. If the plan is not we will make changes together as a team to ensure meeting treatment goals.

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