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Are online services effective? The short answer is... YES!

Now for the longer answer… Participating in online therapy is the future of our field. The research on its efficacy is rapidly growing while consistently demonstrating that online therapy is just as effective as seeing your therapist in a clinical office. We provide online therapy and consulting services to children, parents, adults and families using a private, HIPAA compliant video session connection. 

Some people are concerned that with online therapy they will not feel connected to their therapist or that it will be harder to have their child engage in therapy sessions. We shared similar concerns before we started providing online services in 2013. However, once we started offering therapy in this format we quickly discovered genuine, therapeutic relationships can be created this way. We find that children, adolescents and teens love participating in therapy sessions from the comfort of their home. 

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With our secure video connection we are also able to have you engage in therapeutic activities with us, share materials with you in the moment and have you interact with us as if we are in a clinical room while in the comfort of your own personal space and on your schedule.

We are confident you will get you the results you’re after because online therapy is easy to fit into your life routines. This ease of online access is easier to commit to, allows for more flexible scheduling and enables patients to participate in therapy from the comfort of their home or location of choice anywhere in the world.

How does online therapy work?

  • It’s easy! 
  • We schedule a time together that is mutually agreed upon. 
  • We email you a link to a secure, HIPAA compliant virtual therapy room.
  • To participate in the Telehealth call, all you need is:
    • a quiet, secure environment where you will have privacy during your Telehealth session.
    • a computer, tablet or mobile device with a camera & microphone.
    • a good Internet connection. 
  • When it’s our session time, log in with the link we provide you in advance and we will be prompted to join once you are in the virtual waiting room.
  • Our real time video session begins!

Please consider when starting any therapy, consistency is truly the key to the progress and positive behavior changes you are striving for whether we meet face-to-face online or in a clinical office. If you still have more questions, please contact us for a free 30-minute phone consultation to see how online therapy feels for you in support of meeting your behavioral wellness goals. 

Please contact us for a FREE 30 minute consultation to hear more about how online therapy can help you and your family!

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