Therapy for Neurodivergent Families

Helping Families to Thrive Peacefully Together

If you and your neurodivergent family are struggling to connect with each other and keep the peace in your home, family therapy can be incredibly transformative. We have seen positive shifts in family relationships in just a short amount of time when families come together and heal through the therapy process. We get it, families and relationships can be incredibly messy and painfully complicated. When there is an imbalance or stressor in the family system, this can impact all members of the family and their overall sense of wellbeing. This can lead to what we call “survival mode family functioning” which unintentionally promotes unbalanced family relationships and  persistent feelings of disconnect from your loved ones. Long term, family functioning in survival mode is unsustainable and can exacerbate conflicts in the family relationships. Let us help you all learn to thrive together.

We typically will meet with parents and/or partners first before inviting children to join a session. We are flexible in our approach and guide family therapy needs based on your presenting problems and goals we set together at the outset of our first sessions.  As a team of therapists with a focus on marriage and family therapy, we can work together in pairs, individually at times, and together as a whole family depending on needs while respecting appropriate boundaries and supporting healthy communication.

A mother and father walk along a sidewalk holding hands with their young children

Family therapy honors and creates a safe space for all needs to be heard and for all stories to be acknowledged without any judgment or shame while gently exploring how to move forward peacefully together. All families and identities are welcome here at Spectrum Connections Therapy despite how big or small the needs and problems may seem. Together we will explore values and discover how to help your family heal while creating safe and healthy connections with each other so the most important relationships in your life can thrive.

Family Systems Experience & Specialized Training:

Our practice owner and Clinical Supervising Director, Dr. Gurash, is an experienced therapist working with neurodivergent (ND) families in private practice, since 2012.
She identifies as a lifelong learner, so after receiving her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, it wasn’t long before she craved more training in the family systems approach. As a result, Dr. Gurash decided to pursue intensive, experiential post-doctoral training at Denver Family Institute (DFI). Through DFI, Dr. G has received some of the best family therapy training and LMFT supervision in the Denver area. With DFI, she has focused on how to better support the relational and behavioral dynamics at play in families where individuals may be neurodivergent (on the autism spectrum and/or living with ADHD). 

We look forward to being of support for your family and helping you get unstuck and moving towards cultivating healthy, peaceful, and balanced family relationships.

Specializing in:

Neurodivergent Families, Parenting Challenges, Divorce, Blending Families & Families Living with Chronic Illness

Common issues explored and worked on in family therapy:

  • Parent and Child Issues 
  • Difficulty Controlling Emotions 
  • Communication Difficulties 
  • Behavioral Challenges with Children
  • Parenting a child on the autism spectrum (ASD)
  • Parenting a child with ADHD 
  • Blending Families 
  • Divorce 
  • Family Trauma 
  • Chronic Illness or Special Needs in the Family
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Family therapy can support and explore:

  • Establishing Individual Needs 
  • Establishing Family Goals 
  • Identifying Family Values 
  • Healthy Communication 
  • Parenting Support 
  • Positive Discipline 
  • Healthy Attachments & Boundaries 
  • Life Transitions 
  • Healing & Trauma 
  • Strengthening Connection and Relationships 
  • LGBTQ+ Affirming Counseling
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