Values… Are Chosen Life Directions

Before we do all the things in life, let’s get clear about our values!

* Values are different than goals. We don’t accomplish or crush a value

* Values connect you to your deepest desires and ultimately tap into your motivation to live the sort of life you want to live and love

* Once clearly identified, our values can help us live more intentionally

* When you are living life according to your values questions to ask yourself may include: how will you be treating yourself, treating others, treating your body, how will you show up in work, what kind of person will you be in your relationships and how will you engage in the world around you?

* Unpacking your values helps give your life meaning and purpose

* Living life according to your values helps you get unstuck from unhelpful patterns and behaviors that pull you farther away from the life you want to live

In my work with children, individuals, parents and families I love to explore values and how this can help you move forward. Please reach out for a free 30 minute phone consultation to discuss more.

Be Well,
Dr. G

Be well,

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